Is Your Battery Ready For Retirement?

One of the perks to getting any new mobile device, whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, is the refreshingly long battery life compared to previous models. With well-known defects of certain cell phone models, performance decreases, sudden shut downs – it’s enticing to consider replacing an entire device for what might simply be a defect of a battery approaching retirement.

Lithium ion has a life expectancy. With most batteries, you can expect to charge and discharge your battery 200-300 cycles before it degrades to approximately 70-80% of its original capacity. This is because lithium ion batteries have wear and tear, like traffic on a road, and after several hundred cycles, the road becomes much more cumbersome and inefficient for ions to travel on. Furthermore, the behavior of your device can drastically change. More heat is produced, the amount of time your battery maintains its charge is reduced, and in some cases, you may see drastic jumps in battery percentages.

For most modern mobile devices, batteries are becoming more complicated to replace. Wireless charging features, glass or ceramic back covers, adhesives, or entry of a phone via screen removal has made what used to be a simple task of swapping out a battery become much more delicate work. But it can be done. With a 0-cycle battery replacement, your phone’s original life expectancy and the perks of a long-lasting charge can be restored.

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