Hard drives to Solid State Drives

Over the past few years we’ve seen the typical storage in most computers go from mechanical hard drives to solid state. It is one of the most noticeable upgrades you can make to improve performance.

The process can usually be done one of two ways. First, it’s the brain of your computer. It maintains all the memories, so to speak. Whenever you’re replacing the storage unit, you can start fresh of the operating system or a clone.

With a fresh install, this is an effective way to increase performance, but there’s also some user-adjustment. You will need to install software, log in to accounts, install a printer, just like you would with a new computer. Although the data, like your pictures, documents, music, downloads, etc. can be moved back over, software and logins cannot be transferred over.

A clone is fairly self explanatory. It makes an identical copy of the previous storage, so no data, programs or settings are lost. The only change is an increase in performance.

The average laptop hard drive has a transfer rate of about 100 MB/s. A desktop drive averages 100-200 MB/s, whereas an average solid state drive ranges between 500-560 MB/s.

Moving data in and out of storage is only one facet to how well a system performs, but in recent years, often one of the most effective upgrades.

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